Santorini, Greece

We flew from Athens to Santorini; total flight time was only 50 minutes but got us to a totally different world! We landed on a very small airport and as we walked out the gates, we were greeted by Manos, who transferred us to the hotel. We picked Mill Houses which was located in Firostefani, very close to the main center, Fira because not much hotels are open in that early in the year (most hotels open in around May, beginning of the tourist season) and also we got a good deal – 80 euros for a studio per night including breakfast and airport transfer. The ride was comfortable, we were in a van with one other couples, and the ride was less than 20 minutes. We stopped at the parking lot across from the road and had to walk down to get to the hotel. As I walked down the stairs, I saw the view, it was breathtaking….I am really in Santorini! Am I dreaming?

It was a foggy day when we landed so the pictures didn’t came out as pretty. Manos showed us our “studio” which was a traditional cave room; our room was spacious and very cute:

We went out to explore Santorini right away! We walked up the stairs to get back to the parking lot where the main road was to get to Fira. I lost count of the number of steps, it was good exercise, after all this is one of the uniqueness of Santorini! The walk to Fira was around 10 minutes and it was relatively quiet in the island since it was not the tourist season. We walked by many cute little white-washed cubic homes and blue-domed churches.

 We found a cute gyros restaurant in Fira (Obelix, their website: and had our lunch there. The gyros was the best we ever had and it was very inexpensive around 2 euros!

After lunch, we went back to our hotel to meet with our wedding planner – Nikos. Nikos and his assistant came to our room and walked us through all the details of our wedding tomorrow 🙂 Afterwards, we unpacked and walked back out to Fira for dinner. We had our dinner at Pelican Restaurant, which looked like a terrace, the food here was amazing!  I had the best seafood spaghetti I ever have in my life!

After dinner, we walked back to our hotel and tried to sleep early but was nervous about my big day tomorrow 🙂

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