Nuremberg Day 2

We woke up around 8 am and the weather was sunny out with blue sky – perfect day to explore the old town!

We went the same way as yesterday headed to the old town, we stopped by a cafe and had breakfast! One thing I liked Nuremberg more than Paris is the variety of breakfast sandwiches and much more affordable too!

After the yummy sandwiches, we walked to Kaiserburg Nurnberg which is Nuremberg Castle. The castle is located on top of the hill but the walk wasn’t bad so was great morning exercise for us! The walled castle was stunning, it was well restored.

Once we entered the castle, we totally felt like we went back to the Middle Ages! The view of the city was the best from the castle, colorful houses with red roof tops.  We were freely explore the outer court of the castle and took some excellent photos.

We purchased the castle tour ticket (7 euros each) and went with the tour about the history of the castle.  We went inside some of the buildings and climbed the castle tower. It was amazing how people built this castle on top of the hill hundreds of years ago! Here is a model of the castle:

After the tour ended which lasted less than an hour but worth the price, we walked around and took more pictures.  The castle is an awesome place for people like me who love to take pictures of old architecture!

This was the wooden stairway up to the tower.

A restaurant right outside the castle.

We spent around 2 hours in the castle and headed down the hill for lunch.  We wanted some authentic German dishes so we stopped by this restaurant with outside sitting area. We ordered sausages (a must), white asparagus, and fried pork. The food was yummy and I got to have a picture with the waitress, dressed in traditional costume.

After our delicious lunch, we walked without any direction or plan around the old town.  We ended up at the beautiful Henkersteg Bridge. The view here was truly breathtaking! The bridge, the river, the houses on each side of the river, every corner of the view was amazing!

We saw two artists sitting here to draw this beautiful view.

We ended up spending at least half an hour here taking pictures! On our way walking back to shopping area of the town, we came across beautiful colorful houses and couldn’t resist to take more pictures!

We did some shopping (mostly clothes) and took breaks as we go.  Time just flew by and it was time for dinner! Without any hesitation, we decided to go back to Happy Happa again to try out more authentic Szechuan dishes, we both love spicy food! And once again, we were very pleased with the quality of the dishes – yummy yummy yummy!



We went back to our hotel around 8 pm, relax and pack, we are heading to Salzburg tomorrow!

The 1.5 days in Nuremberg was very relaxing but time went by very fast since there were so many beautiful places to see and take pictures. I really like Nuremberg, it was beyond my expectation. The people are friendly here and not rush like Parisians! Very nice little medieval town with great food, I would definitely recommend Nuremberg if you like to be relaxed and at your own pace!

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