Munich, Germany

I have booked the train ticket from Vienna to Munich online in advanced, I checked both the DB Bahn website and OBB website, somehow the OBB website was cheaper 58 euros for both of us! The train ride was 4 hours long; I wish Westbanh have trains to Munich so we would have wifi during the long ride.  We took the 8:14 am train and arrived at 12:30 pm.  I booked the Le Meridien Munich hotel which was right across from the Munich train station so that was convenient for us; we planned to take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle.  Our room was spacious as well:

While it was a bit sunny out, we went back out again to explore the city since the weather forecast said thunderstorm 70%! We walked straight to Karlstor, the city gate to enter the city center. It was very crowded, mostly were tourists!

We passed by many interesting and colorful medieval buildings such as this one:

Then we came across this group of 4 street performers (don’t they looked familiar? after looking through our photos, we were sure that those were the exact 4 we saw in Salzburg!!!!!!):

We continued down the street and we reached the famous Marienplatz!

I really like this old styled store sign:

We went in Starbucks and tried out the chocolate coconut was so good!

There was constructions going on so it was loud and dusty at times but it didn’t turned us down from exploring Munich! We then went to Residenz Palace. The entrance fee was 7 euros and it wasn’t crowded at all! We took our time and going through rooms and the best thing was…we were free to take photos (yes after Vienna, we finally could take photos inside the palace!)

We almost felt like we have the palace for ourselves!

Very unique antique lamps:

This stairways was part of the church inside the palace and was partially destroyed during WWII:

More royal rooms:

The palace had many similarities as Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace such as the ceiling decorated with wood carving patterns painted with gold:

The details were truly masterpieces! I love the gold with plain white background which made the details very stand out. But one major difference was that Bavarian kings loved porcelain so many rooms were decorated with porcelain vases. Look carefully on the picture above and you’ll see the golden carvings were also stand for porcelain vases!

At Versailles my favorite was the Hall of Mirror; at Residenz my favorite was this golden hallway:

We spent almost 2 hours in Residenz, the incredible details were perfect for photos!

Bavarian kings loved porcelain, first time I saw a porcelain lamp:

After we came out of Residenz Palace, the sky was dark, we thought it would rain so we didn’t went further down and instead we looked for a restaurant to have our dinner. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and check the weather for the coming days.  Forecast said high probability of thunderstorms! We were thinking to visit Neuschwanstein the next day but now it all depend on the weather! We have two more full days in Munich so hopefully we could visit Neuschwanstein since it was the reason why we were here in Munich!

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  1. When you say “Residenz” was that “Linderhof” ? or another one of his castles? I have been to Linderhof and it looks a lot like your photos above, but it's been a very long time 🙂
    Again – love the Blog !!! (stumbled on it on the Paris forum)

  2. Residenz is inside Munich center whereas Linderhof is in another town/village. It's not one of Ludwig's castle. If I have more time in Munich, I'll definitely visit Linderhof as well.

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