Munich Day 3: Schloss Nymphenburg

Our last full day in Munich! We started by checking the weather forecast again and it said 80% change of thunderstorm (that was what it said the past 2 days we were here and we never had rain except at night!).  However, the sky was gloomy today but we still went out. First we headed to BMW museum. We bought the partner day pass for 10.20 € which covered all our transportation to most tourist attractions.  We got off at Olympiazentrum stop and walked out to the BMW headquarter. It was tough finding the entrance to the museum, we got in by the cleaning lady opened the door for us.  The museum admission was 9 euros each and turned out to be not really worth the price! There wasn’t as much cars nor as big as I expected; we finished the museum in less than half an hour! We walked across to BMW welt and saw the 2013 models.

What a cute little car! Looked almost like a toy!

Afterwards, we took the underground metro to Rotkreuzplatz and tried to look for Tram No. 12 to get to Schloss Nymphenburg but saw a notice that the tram line service was stopped because of construction.  Other details were in German so we had no clue how to get to Schloss Nymphenburg! We went back to the metro station and took the train back to Munich center for lunch.  We were looking for Yum (Thai Restaurant) near Viktualienmarkt but it open for dinner only! So we ended up having our lunch at a Chinese/Thai restaurant which was across from the Viktualienmarkt but it was really bad!!!

After lunch, we decided to go back to Rotkreuzplatz and perhaps we could walk to Schloss Nymphenburg! I looked at the map and found a bus stop name near Schloss Nymphenburg that matched one of the stop of the bus line that was temporary replacing Tram No. 12.  We waited for the bus 112 or something like that and got in.  The stop was Romanplatz and we were right, it was close to Schloss Nymphenburg!  Once we got off Romanplatz, we followed the map and walked around 10 minutes to reach Schloss Nymphenburg.  And we were so lucky that the sky started to clear up!

We purchased the combo ticket for 11.50 € each and we started with the palace.  We walked up a small staircase and the first room we saw was absolutely stunning!  I love the light green and gold; the color mix gave a very comfortable and elegant feel!

Wish I can have this purple crystal chandelier:

We walked through few more rooms, the palace was huge but only a few sections are opened to the public. After we finished with the palace, we walked toward the Marstallmuseum filled with carriages and sleighs. The craftsmanship on those carriages were unbelievable!

Next, we walked in the palace garden and followed signs to other smaller palaces.  First we reached Amalienburg. It was pink on the outside and looked very cute!

We showed our ticket and walked in.  I was totally amazed by how beautiful this little palace is!  I loved the blue and silver tone of the room! The details of the ceiling was flower pattern, absolutely gorgeous.  If I am a princess, this would be my perfect room!

I really don’t want to leave this beautiful room! The palace garden was huge, getting from one little palace to another was at least 10 minutes of walk!  We visited the rest of the 3 small palaces: Badenburg, Pagodenburg, Magdalenenklause. Badenburg had a big bath room which more like a prince’s place. Pagodenburg looked very cute on the outside as well.

Pagodenburg was decorated with Chinese wallpaper and porcelain like ceiling.

We had a hard time finding Magdalenenklause because it looked very old and cracked on the outside that we passed by few times and thought we were in the wrong place!  We finally walked in to check it out and inside was a little chapel.

We spent around 3 hours in Schloss Nymphenburg and then went back to Munich center at around 5:45 pm.  We walked back to Yum and got there at 6 pm just in time for it to open.  We walked in without reservation but luckily there was a table free until 8 pm!  The restaurant was fully booked! Yum was well decorated with Asian furnishings.  The Thai food was excellent!

We were glad that we chose Yum as our last night’s dinner in Munich!

Overall, I like the palaces in Munich – not crowded like in Paris so we were free to slow down and explore. However, I preferred Nuremberg over Munich because Munich was filled with tourists.  I liked Nuremberg’s  relaxing atmosphere better.

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