Oia, I Miss You Already!

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Good time always past by fast, especially when we were in our favorite place on earth: Oia, Santorini! The morning started with a yummy baked omelet and an unbeatable view on our terrace!

Omelet from Café Patisserie:

As we were having our breakfast, we were deciding if we should take a volcano tour today or when we are at Imerovigli. We walked to the tour operators that we saw yesterday and asked, we were a bit too late to book the tour for today, boat departing at 10 down at Ammoudi Bay and it was already 9:30! Hehe I guess it was meant to be so we could spend our full day at the beautiful Oia! We walked back to our house and on our way…..more photos! I can never ever get tired of the view in Oia, just incredible!

Our way back to our house…loveliest walk ever!

Stay off people’s roof 🙂

The blue sky and the blue sea, the perfect weather it could be!

We decided to walk down to Ammoudi Bay for lunch since we never been there before! And we heard it has the freshest seafood down there!

I really can’t tell you how much I love Oia! I love you more hubby, don’t be jealous!

Alright, we really walking down now LOL!

The winding stairs going down, it took us longer than it should be because of the donkey waste all over the steps so have to really watch out and keep skipping here and there xD

And to dodge donkeys!

Those poor fellas had to carry people up and down all day…’s better to just walk down since you can stop and take photos like those:

And soon, we made it down at the port! It wasn’t really bad at all going down!!

There were a few restaurants down at the port with live seafood!

Important to note: prices for fish are by weigh so don’t be shock at the bill…it can be expensive! The lobsters are expensive too which run like 90+ euros for lobster spaghetti for two. Since we are from Boston, lobster at home are so much cheaper so we passed on the lobster! Don’t worry, there are affordable options too! We picked Katina, recommended by Trip Advisor and Dimitri.

We ordered the grilled mussels, I liked the sauce!

Grilled king prawns, delicious!

And a hamburger, opps forgot the picture!!! Total cost with two bottled of water: 38 euros.

Their grill cooking a whole fish:

After lunch, we walked around the port. Drying octopus??

From the pier, you can get a whole view of the stairs going up to the village, pretty amazing on how the houses in Santorini are built!

Hubby said…not looking forward to the walk up LOL!

We stopped at least 3-4 times to take a breath on our way up haha! We passed this mom who ran up to catch a photo of her daughter riding a donkey up, aren’t mom the bravest? We finally made it up, we had to go back to our house to take a break! Today, we focused on taking videos so not as much photo as previous days hehe 🙂 Probably our last few looks at our incredible view from our house:

Hubby was setting up to take videos 🙂

I’ll post the video soon 🙂

Dinner, we had a reservation at Floga at 7 pm. We ordered shrimp appetizer, it was very refreshing with avocado!

Hubby ordered a shrimp wrapped with angel hair, we thought the combination was very creative…the crispy thin angel hair…never imagine spaghetti can be used like this!

The restaurant is pretty full even at 7 so don’t forget reservation!

I ordered the shrimp spaghetti, it was tasty with some spicy powder on the edge to give it a little spice, I love the food presentation!

I gave it a 4.5 stars…because it would be better if added more seafood 🙂

Hubby ordered a steak, it was very good as well!

Price for the wonderful food: 78 euros. We were very happy with Floga, we would come back again to try out more but it was our last night 🙁

After dinner, we walked back and once again we turned into the little way to see the famous blue domed church again!

I really don’t want to leave!!!!

We stopped by Café Patisserie to get our desert to take home. We love this kind of lifestyle, waking up with the view of the incredible blue sea, walking up and down the roads with amazing view, stopped here and there whenever we like, enjoying great food with view, watching the magical sunset everyday, and then delicious desert to end our perfect day!!! Wish we can do this every single day!

Desert: tiramisu and this cake, if anyone knows the name of it please let me know because it’s so good!!!! It’s not as sweet as the other traditional Greek desert, the custard-like with the chocolate with a little bit of mint after taste blended so well together, it was such an enjoying! I am not a sweet fan so I can’t eat much desert, but this and tiramisu, I can keep eating!

We were not done yet!!!! Our mission at night: night photos of Oia!

It was very windy and chilly out but worth it!!! Good-bye Oia, I hope to see you again SOON!!!

11 thoughts on “Oia, I Miss You Already!

  1. I really wish that I found your blog before we went to Oia. You seem to find so many good spots for great pictures. Now that we just came back, it will be a loooong time before I can convince my boyfriend to go again.

  2. 2 months & we will be there !!! Your blog & photos are like an appetiser ….can’t wait to get to Greece ! 🙂

  3. Wow….great blog and thank you for sharing those amazing photos. We are going to santorini around september and your blog will be so helpful. would you mind sharing what camera settings you have primarily used in the landscape photos?

    1. I used mostly AV mode, f/8 or f/10, +2/3 stop in exposure compensation (as I mentioned before it’s important to overexpose a little bit so the white will appear white). Have a great trip, it’s hard to not when you are going to Santorini 🙂

  4. Simply WOW!! Amazing pics. It seems you had a blast of time. We (me & my wife) are also planning a trip to santorini last week of sept.

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