Alberobello: The Story Land

Waking up and looking up to the conical roof of the trullo was so unreal. Early in the morning, the streets were empty, it was so peaceful that I had this whole story land to myself!

Our trulli, ready to go out for breakfast!

Breakfast was inside the restaurant just around the corner named Miseria Enobilta.

Inside the restaurant, the decoration was chic:

Breakfast was down the stairs to the “basement”, the selections were okay.

After breakfast, we started our exploration of Alberobello! This photo was taken up the stairways (just around the corner of our hotel check-in building) marked for panoramic view but the building in front blocked the nice view, I tried to zoom in as much as I could to eliminate the roof corner.

We walked to the commercial section of the village, the shops still not open yet.

Each trullo was so cute that we stopped every few steps to take photos! It was like a story land, literally!

Many trulli have a symbol to represent something, see the chart from my previous post.

The streets were curvy so you couldn’t see what’s next, it was full of surprises!

The shops start to open!!!

There are only a few main roads but I was trying to figure out the direction to the big church 🙂

Can’t resist to check out souvenirs! Prices are usually few Euros each so you’ll be easily buy a lot haha…small things add up!

Lots of souvenir shops, love Alberobello!

This narrow road filled with colorful flowers, it reminded me of Cordoba, Spain!


Postcard perfect spot?

We found the church – Church of Saint Anthony (Chiesa di Sant’Antonio)! It’s probably the cutest church I ever seen, don’t you agree? We waited for a long time for annoying people who were standing outside of the church to leave so we could have a good picture of the church!

Inside the church is nice and simple:

Then we walked down back to the village, more beautiful streets and trulli!

This shop have a lot of trulli miniatures up on the roof, super cute!


This was the shop we bought the ceramic painting last night!

White-washed street of trulli 🙂

We kept walking around and back to the church to get a different angle of it!

Back to the main street where many souvenir shops are!

We went in and checked out each shop to compare prices for the best deal!

And get iced cold water too – it was getting hot!

Each shop was nicely decorated!!!

Great for photo backdrops 🙂

We sneaked into hidden side streets for better view of the village of the trulli 🙂

An abandoned trullo 🙁

The trees on this trullo are cute!

It was so hot that we were craving for cold watermelon! We stopped by the mini market where we asked for direction yesterday and we bought the whole big watermelon haha! It was less than 10 Euros!

Hubby carrying the big watermelon in front of the trulli museum LOL!

And we walked home…

You made it hun!

The watermelon took almost all of the space inside the mini fridge! We rested a bit inside our air conditioned trulli, all it was so comfortable! And then took some pictures of our trullo 🙂

After some rest, we walked back out to discover more pretty trulli!

A lot of the nicely looking trulli have been renovated to be hotel rooms/holiday homes just like ours.

Let me be in my fairy tale story land!



Can you believe it after all those pictures, it was just time for lunch! We decided to have lunch in the restaurant where we had breakfast; we checked out their menu before and it looked appealing!

We ordered the mussels cooked in a bag… they were really cooked in a bag and freshly cut open!

They were cooked just about right and flavorful – yummy!

For main, we ordered two portions of the seafood spagehetti (actually those are considered anti-pasta – the 2nd course only not the main course!)

We found that the second course is the cheapest and most filling!!! The lunch with two spaghetti and the appetizer was only 30 euros!!! After lunch, we walked to the more “modern” part of the town – the Basilica side.

We saw this automatic shop where the whole “shop” was filled with automatic vending machines LOL, you can buy anything from drinks to quite cold sandwiches! Prices are pretty reasonable too for drinks!

The Basilica:

The interior is very grand!

There’s a “super trullo” end of the road (Trullo Sovrano) which we went in for 1.5 euros admission each.

It was quite interesting to see the interior of the trullo back in the days looked like! The bedroom:

The kitchen:

The backyard:

The trulli in that little early are very pretty too!

Walked circular so we ended up back to the church.

We did went in to the automatic shop for drinks haha!

We tried the peach flavor ice-tea – it was so refreshing and not too sweet!

Then we walked back to the residential/commercial section where more concentration of trulli.

Glass of wine for 1 euro, that’s cheaper than my ice-tea!

Afternoon, the sunlight lighted up the whole street no more shadow!

What a cute car!!!

The shop we stopped by earlier in the morning for photos is now open, we went in to check it out.

They sell hand made trulli miniatures as well but a little bit more pricey.

We remembered the shop prices so we went back the ones that are the cheapest and we ended up buying at least 10 little trulli to get back home, yay another village collection (in addition to Santorini)!

There’s one shop that has a panoramic rooftop terrace, the shop owner lady saw our cameras and invited us to walk up for photos for free! Woah such a nice lady!

There’s also a well-kept old sewing machine there!

The view was impeccable!

Imagine sitting here with a glass of iced cold Fanta and watch the sunset turning the white washed trulli into different colors!

Another very nice shop!

Construction workers restoring/repairing the trullo!

We lost track of which shops we went in or not haha so many of time, can’t hurt to buy more souvenirs!

The conical rooftops with symbols!

We took a rest and had ice cream – the melon flavor was my favorite, it was so refreshing!

After the break, more shopping!

Shop till we drop haha, we went back to our trullo in the afternoon and it became one of the tourist site – tourists from cruise ships arrived! We waited till they left and we took out our tripod for our photos 🙂

Hubby was eager to check out the roof so he climbed those stairs to peek at it!

That’s how it looks!

We were looking in the map to see where we haven’t seen yet….ahhh….Museo del Territorio which is across from the mini market! The admission fee was a lot more for this one – I think it was like 3-4 euros each!

It has more information on the history and the settlement of Alberobello and a huge miniature of the trulli, wish we can bring this home haha!

A display on how the conical roof is build:

In my opinion even though this is more to see and bigger, I liked the super trullo that we visited earlier better!

Back to catch the sunset!

For dinner, we chose Casa Nova, the inside decor is like a wine cellar!

The bread basket….those breads are fun to play with LOL!

Some kind of fried cheese balls, appetizer on the house!

I ordered the shrimp pasta, it wasn’t as good as the ones we had last night or during lunch!

Hubby ordered the famous Alberbello dish – ear shaped pasta, urg it barely has any taste to it!

For main course, hubby ordered the steak on red wine sauce, it was good!

I ordered the fried seafood, it was good too!

Service was prompt but the food was just average – the total for our dinner was 50 euros. When we left, the restaurant was almost full!

At night, Alberobello transformed into the theme “Starry Starry Summer Night”, lovely!

We absolutely loved the atmosphere!

It was a very relaxing walk after dinner, weather was perfect and the people were friendly!

Hubby said Alberobello is his favorite town so far out of this trip!

The Basilica on the background:

There’s another walk up terrace for panoramic view which we walked up to!

What a wonderful relaxing day we had in Alberobello, exploring at our own pace in this beautiful story land! Alberobello is one of those hidden gem that it takes a lot of effort to get there but once you are there, you completely forget the hassle! We went back to our trullo afterwards to pack up because we need to leave the next day 🙁 We were so glad that we had visited Alberobello, totally worth it – great food, great shops, great place, and great people!


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  1. I love your blog! keep up the great work! May I ask you how you found the weather to be in Europe this trip? I am planning on going next year & will go wither 8 weeks from mid June or 8 weeks from the beginning of September. Could you give any advice as I have seen that you have been a few times before.

    Thanks soo much 🙂


    1. Thank you Harper! I found end of June/early July weather is the best…you are going to Europe for 8 weeks? End of July to August can be really hot but at least you get more sunny rather than rainy. If you go beginning of Sept..8 weeks that means the full Sept and Oct, weather will start getting cool. Also, it depends where in Europe are you planning to go, Southern or Northern? I just came back from London in early September….it was cold (in my standard that I can’t wear shorts or dresses) and rainy (well London always cloudy/rainy). If you can bare the heat to trade for sunshine days, go for mid-June!

  2. Thank you for your reply & in put:-) Yes that’s right planning an 8 week Euro trip. We are going to rent a motorhome for 5 weeks & start in Germany to see mainly the Bavarian region. Go to Switzerland to see the alps & lakes. Drive through Italy & visit the cinque terre , Positano & then all the way to see Alberobello as I have always wanted to see this even though it is out of the way & then head up to Venice & the northern Italian alps (Dolomites) to hike. Then fly to Greece to go to Santorini & a couple other of Islands for the remaining 3 weeks. I really want to see the pink bougainvillea in bloom while in Santorini I here they are good end July/August & particularly September. 🙂

    1. WOW that’s like all my trips combined into one, I wish I could do that! Both Cinque Terre and Venice are not vehicle friendly though remember that. 3 weeks is plenty to see multiple Greek islands, please you must spend at 1 week in Santorini, stay half in Oia and half in another part! You need to book accommodations early for Cinque Terre and Santorini! I highly recommended Hotel Marina Piccola in Manarola, Cinque Terre….you’ll see my post soon!

      1. Lol yep it’s going to be a BIG trip! Yes that’s correct. We have found a camping ground in Levanto & can make day trips on the train to the Cinque Terre. And there is a camping ground just out of Venice that has a free shuttle bus so I think we won’t have any troubles. I Will definitely do that in Santorini. I can’t wait it is the place I am most excited about! I just loved looking at all your photos from there & reading all about it 🙂 Really looking forward to your Cinque Terre post also.

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