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Merry Christmas All From Tahiti!

Merry Christmas all, we are in Tahiti!!! We felt in love with the South Pacific since our French Polynesia trip in the beginning of the year so we went back for Christmas. Tahiti is only a stop over in our 3 weeks South Pacific islands adventure! We’ll be flying out tomorrow…guess where we’ll be heading to? Hint: it’s nicknamed as the world’s 2nd most beautiful lagoon after Bora Bora!

We stayed at the Intercontinental Tahiti for 2 nights over Xmas Eve and Xmas Day, it’s a beautiful property!

Check back soon for updates and photos along our trip! Wish you all a warm and safe holiday season and a happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas All From Tahiti!

      1. I bet you are in Taha’a and/or Rangiroa now?
        Or maybe hopping to all 118 islands.??
        Can’t wait. I might follow your iti?

        1. hehe nope, we hopped over to Cook Islands – Aitutaki and Rarotonga! Aitutaki’ sandbars were amazing and I totally agreed that it’s the world’s 2nd most beautiful lagoon! Can’t wait to show pictures!

    1. Christmas is one of the most sought after holiday, it is the favorite holiday of most people because of getting to share the moment with our loved ones. It is wonderful to celebrate special holidays at places that are new to us and with the people that matter in our lives. To make memories with them will make our lives more enjoyable. Experiencing the culture of different countries will help us be more aware of the world. Opening ourselves to new surroundings will give us experiences that we will cherish forever.

  1. Wo hoo! Merry everything! What an amazing Christmas season! Can’t wait to see your showcases especially planning to be there next year. Safe travels!

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