Day trip to Gozo

Malta made up of three islands why not visit the other two when you have the unlimited bus card right? The bus journey took nearly 1.5 hours to get to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal. Once we arrived instead of going into the ferry terminal to purchase the ticket to Gozo, we followed the small signs to the little ticket counter for ferry to Comino.

Instead of round trip to Comino, they have the option to do Malta – Comino – Gozo for €15 per person, not too bad. We boarded this small boat and oh boy the short trip to Comino was very rocky at first and seeing the large ferry vessel from a distance wasn’t even rocking! At one point, I was so scared that the boat might flip; water was coming into the boat!!! We made it to Comino safely phew!

Gozo from a distance:


Comino was very busy, I never see so many tourists in Malta! Comino is known for its clear “blue lagoon”, it’s postcard perfect except for the crowds.

There were vendors renting beach chairs (ridiculously priced) and selling snacks and drinks. We went there for photos so we stayed there for a short period of time only. The island is very small and uninhabited.

We walked up to the hill for more views of the aqua clear water.

The food trucks:

I like those purple flowers 🙂

When we finished our loop, there were at least three cruise boats arrived…I thought it was crowded before!

We waited at the little pier for over half an hour for the boat to Gozo….arrived Gozo!

We took the bus to Victoria, the capital of Gozo. The bus dropped us off at Victoria bus terminal and it was a few minutes walk into the center where we had lunch at It-Tokk.

A red telephone booth at Victoria bus station.

I really like that wine glass chandelier!

I ordered the marinated ribs while Jason tried Malta’s local dish – rabbit stew. Both were very good, I had a little bit of rabbit, I know it’s cruel 🙁

Right in front of the restaurant, there’s a little square somewhat like a Sunday market type of thing going on with local vendors.

Then, we walked over to Cittadella.

We walked all the way to the back and check out its view…..ancient people seemed to like picking the capital location on top of a hill 🙂

There’s a ruin on the back:

As in other houses in Malta….same architectural style.

None of the shops are open -.-

The Cittadella is quite small…we finished it in 15 minutes! There is a Mdina Glass shop right in the entrance so we went in and checked it out. They did not have that pink cup 🙁 Afterward, we walked back to the station thinking to catch a bus to the Azure Window but the next bus is another 45 minutes away! We looked at the schedule, the frequency is not so good so getting there and back will waste a lot of time. We decided to walk back to the square and check out the shops there instead! We didn’t find anything interesting for souvenir though 🙁

We came across St George’s Basilica:

Couldn’t believe the small church (looking from the outside) is so pretty inside…all the church in Malta are pretty!

We headed back to the bus station and to the ferry terminal. The bus was completely filled so as soon as the bus stopped, we ran out and join the long queue to purchase the ticket….time is running out!

Then another line to board the ferry, OMG, it was so crowded and people were just jamming in! It was crazy but we made it!

Goodbye Gozo!

The ferry took like 15 minutes to cross the channel but squeezing out and then the bus to Sliema another 1.5 hours. I was craving for Thai food and we searched TripAdvisor and found Good Thiames. No where it looked like a restaurant from the outside, more like a bar LOL. But inside has some Thai decors…

The menu is very limited…I ordered the glass noodle and Jason ordered fried rice………so disappointed! I can make a better stir-fry than those! Not only they were cooked badly, they were almost tasteless!

Dinner was €21.30 totally not satisfied and not filling!

We took a little stroll down along the harbor for the view of Valletta across from the harbor. It would be nice if there are some LED lights lighting up the church, don’t you think?

We got back to Valletta and realized there were some lights up that crane and looked like people were up there! We used the phone camera to zoom in and see, that was the “dinner in the sky”! I would never do that since I am afraid of height 😛

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