More Incredible Costumes and Masks at the Venice Carnival

The next morning, we got up and ready to head out at 7 AM to San Marco’s Square again. People in costumes and photographers were up early to get their one-of-a-kind photographs! It was noticeably a lot more quiet in the early morning with very few tourists. Photographers had their lighting set up while people in those amazing costumes posed. It was a win-win situation that photographers got free models while people who dressed up got their free photos. We saw them exchanged contact information.

The sun just rose and what an incredible colorful group!

And I got a photo with them together 😀

It was more peaceful and easier to take great photos in the early morning without the crowds!

One of the photographers was kind enough to help take a photo of us with our cellphone.

Not only did they pose elegantly, they walked like royals! I really like this couple in matching golden gowns.

The dark blue looked great too!

It was hard to tell if the person is a female or male until he/she spoke. This one certainly know how to pose!

And I managed to get a photo with him/her and the beautiful architectures of Venice!

Those two were aqua-themed costumes, very creative.

We had an awesome time going from one to another to get photos. It was 9 AM already so we headed back to the hotel to get breakfast; I forgot I hadn’t eat! After breakfast, we did a day trip to Verona by train.

On the 3rd morning, we did the same drill; got up early and walked to San Marco Square to check out new costumes. It was very foggy that day but it added a dreamy vibe to the atmosphere. It was so foggy that you couldn’t even see the basilica on the back. The red costume really stand out in the fog!

The photographers with the lighting setup must be local or within driving distance, I couldn’t imagine carrying those gears onto a flight.

A whole lineup of people in costumes and photographers having their photo shoots.

I noticed today a lot more costumes with embedded LED lights!

The first time I saw animal-themed masks, what do you think?

Not only people can dress up, but pets too! I don’t know how this dog’s owner got him to sit still like that for that long!

He had a lot of props!

Bird cage themed costume :O

Another matching group!

I love this pose!

A pair with a more simple costume:

This costume reminded me of Angelina Jolie in Maleficent 2. The photographer said that’s his wife, what a cute couple.

Another great backdrop – the Bridge of Sighs.

And look there’s a guy down there!

I love this photo of how deeply in love they are looking at each other 😉

Another purple costume:

This person’s poses were very dramatic!

After our morning stroll at San Marco’s Square, we went back to our hotel for breakfast and then took a day trip to Bologna and Ferrara. The three nights in Venice during the Venice Carnival were amazing. It was well worth a side trip to experience such an incredible festival! All of the 3 days, my favorite costume is the couple with the swan-themed, what is your favorite? I was sending photos to Jason and he wished he was there! Someday, we’ll make it back to experience the Venice Carnival together 🙂

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