Aruba Day 5 and 6: Parasailing

Aruba Day 5

Today was the water sport day! It was a clear beautiful blue sky day, wind was very calm! I have been wanting to try parasailing but was afraid to do so.  So my husband went up to a water sport booth and asked about parasailing. The lady said best to do in the early morning when the wind is calm so my husband decided to do it at 10 am!!! It was just few minutes and I couldn’t believe we are going to do parasailing! The price was around $90 for a double (2 of us going up). My heart was beating and soon the ship arrived! We met Carol and her friend who was going to watch her friend parasail. The ship was comfortable and the two crew members were very helpful. He gave an into to para-sailing and instructed us. We were the first to go (I was so worried since I am acrophobic!). But no time to be scared, the crew quickly set up:

My heart was still pounding and off we go AHHHHHH!  I was screaming on the way up LOL but made me feel better!  It was really fast and then we go up pretty high in the air!!

Thanks to Carol who took the picture and sent to us!

Once up in the air, I was concentrated on looking the beautiful turquoise water so I calmed down. The view of Aruba from up here was stunning, gave us a different look of Aruba.

When I looked down, it felt like the whole ocean was under my feet! The crew said if we get lucky, sometimes we were able to see sea turtles from up here!  The water was so clear that we could see the ocean floor!  We also saw boats underneath us.  Everything looked so small but clear up here! I was holding the ropes tight and screamed whenever it was windy; we shake a bit up here from the wind!

My husband was taking videos of me screaming LOL! Even though I keep screaming haha, it wasn’t as scary as I thought! Actually, I felt quite safe since the crew buckled us up tight and I felt very stable! Picture of me smiling up in the air!

The parasailing was around 15 minutes but it felt like more than 15 minutes! It was incredible, a must try for once-in-a-lifetime! After we got down, we watched Carol’s friend going up. She was extremely nervous! I told her it was alright and not as bad once got up there 🙂

After overcoming parasailing, we walked along the beach to enjoy the beautiful Palm Beach again (we will never get tired of it!).

We had lunch in the hotel’s Terrance Bar Restaurant.  Here, we ordered the Aruban Seafood Chowder (absolutely delicious, spicy and creamy, I never have any chowder like this!), fried fish, and huge yummy burger:

Our lunch was excellent, very nice view of the beach and great food.  We sat here enjoyed our pina-colada and the beautiful beach! Life is good! After lunch, we spent more time at the beach 🙂

Dinner-we had a reservation with Passion in Eagle Beach at 6:30pm to have a romantic sunset dinner!!  We went back to our hotel room and change for our dinner 🙂

We took the local bus down and stopped at Eagle Beach. We walked out toward the beach and found the restaurant Passion. The waitress walked us to our table in the front row (wohoo)!  The tables were nicely setup on the beach, it was our first time having dinner right on the beach!

The atmosphere was very romantic with white cloth and torch!

We ordered pina-colada, Aruban Seafood Soup (it was ok not as good as the Aruban Seafood Chowder I had during lunch), Perfect Match (grilled Mahi Mahi with baby scallops) and Grilled Filet Mignon. Our pina-colada came! Picture of my pina-colada with the sunset 🙂

Very nice view of the Caribbean Sea:

While we were waiting for the food to come, the sun started to set. The atmosphere turned very romantic! The place was quickly filled so reservation is recommended!

The waitress helped us took a picture of us!

Our food came:

The food was okay, not as delicious as I thought for the price we paid but I guess we paid for the romantic setting! Having dinner right on the beach was very special. While I am enjoying the wonderful view and waiting for the sun to set, my feet were touching the powdery sand!

The moment we all waiting came…sunset!

It was so beautiful and romantic!

Aruba Day 6

This is our last full day in Aruba. We don’t have anything planned so we decided to do more shopping. We took the local bus to downtown. We walked back to the souvenir street and took a second look at those stores and some last minute shopping. I came across this car…how pink is that!

We bought some last minute souvenir for friends and family.

Dinner….our decided to have our last dinner in Aruba in Pago Pago again since we enjoyed it during our first night in the island. This time, we ordered the lobster bisque (because it was very good and I missed it) and the cocktail shrimp! I ordered the 22 oz. rib eye haha! The rib eye steak was excellent, cooked perfectly- medium rare!!!

Good-bye Aruba!

Our last day in Aruba, we woke up early and pack since our flight is at 3pm, we have plenty of time. We had lunch in the hotel Terrance Restaurant again to have burgers and my favorite Aruban Seafood Chowder. Afterwards, we went across the street to order something to eat in the airport and flight back home, I heard that the food inside Aruba airport are very expensive! We checked out around 12pm and took the taxi to the airport. It was recommended by others that to be in the airport 3 hours prior during weekends and we followed since we were leaving on a Saturday! The line at the airport was long and it was outdoor! There was renovation going on so part of the line was “outdoor”. The line moved very slowly!  Took us an hour and a half to get through and actually be inside the terminal! And people were correct, the food inside was higher than average airport prices! As we were waiting for our flight, we entertained ourselves by looking through our pictures 🙂 Aruba is really a great island to be, everyone are friendly, and feel very safe to be here! Not even once we were approached by locals like other Caribbean Islands to sell us things or bother us!

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