Cancun Part 6: Shopping and Beaches

Cancun Day 6&7 – Shopping and Beach!

Our 6th day in Cancun was purely a shopping and beach day! I looked at the map and pinpointed out all the shopping/souvenir areas in the hotel zone. First, we visited the near-by Plaza Kukulcan. This is an indoor mall, much more like malls we have in the US, with many luxury brand stores as well as many silver jewelry stores. It has two levels but the 2nd level seemed rather empty and with a small food court. The beautiful glass dome in the mall:


There were mostly silver jewelry stores in this mall, one after another. Price was okay, if you don’t like bargain I recommend to get it here than Mercado 28. After checking out different stores in this mall, we left and went up to Forum by the Sea, another mall.

Forum by the Sea has more people but I felt like it has more restaurants than souvenir shops. There was Hard Rock Cafe and other chain restaurants. Right across from Forum was another small souvenir “mall”  called Mercado Coral Negro. The stores inside were all local owned souvenir stores. Here, we got some t-shirts and earrings as souvenirs. You can bargain a bit here as well even though price is marked.

We spent a few hours checking out those three malls and then went back to the hotel to spend some time on the beach! We passed by this beautiful apartment complex on our way to the bus stop. Surprisingly, people who walked out from this apartment complex were mostly Americans! Must be their retirement home, we wish we could do that when we retired!

After 6 days in Cancun, we were busy visiting Mayan Ruins that we didn’t really had a chance to relax in our hotel! Our hotel facilities and grounds were very beautiful, well maintained! I really liked the purple-colored plants outlined the path, it really stands out with the turquoise water and blue sky in the background!



The bar and the infinity pool; the atmosphere felt very different than the early morning we saw with no people in the pool!

The big infinity pool with the beautiful turquoise ocean on the back!



Felt like they are connected!




The beach flag was yellow, mostly red when we were there! The beach was beautiful but the current was too strong for beginner swimmers!

Beach chairs were available in the hotel:


Hotels and resorts along the beach!



This is a private-owned property, not a hotel!!! I wonder how many rooms it has!! This is what I called “dream house”!


More photos of the hotel:




We spent a great day relaxing in our hotel with beautiful views!

Dinner – we took the bus down to Savio’s located in km 15. We chose to sit outside, right in front of the lagoon hoping to see sunset but no luck again! Huge cloud blocked the sunset again! The back area was very relaxing decorated with ball lights like floating stars at night.


Hubby ordered mussels again, he said he likes mussels in Cancun after he tried in Fred’s. The mussels were once again, full plate and very fresh. After he finished the whole plate, he said Fred’s was better.

Fried bread like Chinese scallion pancake:



I ordered the Shrimp Scampi, I liked this more than Fred’s seafood pasta:

Hubby ordered some seafood casserole, it was delicious!


Overall, Savio’s food quality was really good and the price was reasonable!

The next day was another shopping and beach day. We got up early and saw the sunrise 🙂


We decided to go back to Mercado 28 because that place was huge and last time we were there, we had to get back to our hotel for our photoshoot so we haven’t finish navigating this place yet. This time we headed back and aimed to find the shop that we bought the seashell-stone mask but took us a long time to find it! It was like a maze and we had no address whatsoever to go with! After spending hours going in stores as we passed by, we finally ended up finding the store LOL! I was pretty sure that we visited major of the stores in this maze after at least 3 hours!!!

After souvenir shopping was done, we went back to the hotel to relax and for dinner, hubby wanted to go back to Fred’s for the mussels again!!! This time we ordered the mussels plus the crab cake, paella, and red snapper. Food was very good again, definitely our favorite restaurant in Cancun!




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