Cancun Part 7: Snorkeling at Xel-Ha

Cancun Day 8 – Xel-Ha!

I booked an all-inclusive Xel-Ha tour with Charlie Drew again for a great price $87 per person. We went through the same drill again: hotel pick up around 7:10 am, dropped off at Plaza la Fiesta, got our ticket, broad the bus and directly to Xel-Ha.

We arrived Xel-Ha at 10:40 and was told to meet back here at 5 pm:

Xel-Ha is an ecological natural water park so in order to protect its environment and animals, the park only allows chemical-free sunscreens. Our tour guide also sells those as well as the park (more expensive inside the park). However, I did my research, ordered online, and bought with us! I ordered from Amazon, just search for Biodegradable Sunscreen. All bags were searched so do not sneak in with chemical sunscreen! Once we went through bag search, we entered the huge natural water park!

First, we had our yummy lunch in one of the dining facilities. Xel-Ha is an all inclusive park so food and drinks are included!! At first we thought the food will be like theme park food but we were so wrong! The selection of food was excellent and food quality was really good. After lunch, we went to the lockers to reserve a locker and change and then off to FUN!!!

The surrounding was beautiful!

One of the many water activities in the park:

The park was huge and many things to do!


We were snorkeling here and there and then rest, took photos, then back to snorkeling!

We spent at least 3 hours snorkeling around the park. We saw many fishes and the water visibility was okay (not as clear as other Caribbean snorkeling sites). We went back to the locker room to get shower and change and then spend the rest of the time relaxing in this beautiful area!

Very nice lamp made with coconut, too bad the style didn’t match our room or else we’ll buy one home. We saw this in Isla Mujeres too, not sure which priced better.

I played with the band too, first time in my life that I felt tall hahaha!

Huge iguanas were everywhere and we discovered they ran really fast!!

Another beautiful view of the park!

At last, we have like 45 minutes before our meeting time so we relaxed in the Hammock Island!

I was so tired after 3 hours of fun and snorkeling and then relax with this beautiful surrounding…this is what I called vacation!!!

We had a really fun day in Xel-Ha! Hubby is not a theme-park fan but after visiting Xel-Ha, he wanted to visit the other Eco Parks (Xcaret, Xplor, etc) lolll but too bad this is our last day in Cancun so maybe next time!

We got back to our hotel around 7 pm and headed across the street to La Isla Mall for dinner because we wanted to be close by and we ran out of pesos haha! We ate in Baby Lobster again and paid with USD. This time we ordered fish and seafood spaghetti, both were just okay.

After the quick dinner, we headed back to our hotel, shower, pack, and laundry! I really like our room with washer and dryer and laundry detergent. What’s better to have all cleaned clothes back home after vacation!!!

The next day, we checked out and the same driver who picked up from the airport was waiting outside the lobby for us! The ride to the airport was smooth and quick but the line for immigration and security was long so be sure to get to the airport early! When we were in the airport waiting to board the plane, I took my camera out to view our wonderful vacation pictures and found out… camera’s screen broke!!! Fortunately it was only the screen display broke (blinking blue lines), the pictures were save! Plus, we always save a copy in our laptop every night! And very fortunately that it broke after our vacation! Guess it’s time for a new camera…a new DSLR camera!!

On our flight back home, I already miss all the fun we had, vacation always went by too fast! We both liked Cancun, lots to do, it has both history (Mayan ruins) and fun (Eco Parks). Shopping: not quite so good, we liked souvenir shopping in Aruba more. Food: many good quality and reasonable priced restaurants to choose from! Beach: different shades of turquoise, very beautiful water color, however, the current was strong most of the time, the sand not powdery soft. It was very different than Aruba, hubby liked the water color in Cancun more, I liked the calm beach in Aruba more, so really hard to decide which one is better. Both were excellent vacation spots in the Caribbeans 🙂


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