Paris Day 2 – Versailles

We woke up around 7 am today and the weather was partly cloudy so we decided to go to Versailles (opens at 9 am except Mondays)! From our hotel, we took the Metro 1 from Concorde to Invalides, then RER C to Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche. We purchased the Mobilis zone 4 ticket for unlimited train for 10.55 euros each (it was convenient to have a day pass who knows where we heading to next right!) We got to Versailles train station in around 50 minutes. To get out of the train station, you’ll need to insert your ticket again (this is to prevent people buying a normal zone 1-2 ticket to sneak in). Of course we saw people who had no clue that they purchased the wrong ticket so they had a tough time getting out!

Once we were out of the train station, we turned right and followed the crowd (they all must be heading to the Versailles!). The walk was around 5 minutes and the first thing we saw was the gate and a huge line of people already lined up.  My first impression of Versailles was once again, I couldn’t believe I am right in front of the most famous palace in the world! We joined the line (yes the line was long and all have the Paris Museum Pass) and slowly moving, took us around half an hour to get in Versailles!

Versailles was packed and it was early in the morning too so I can’t believe what place will be like during peak summer months! We were almost pushing shoulder to shoulder and slowly moved our way from rooms to rooms. Even though the each room was packed with tourists, there were so much to see that we didn’t really pay attention to the crowds! However, hold on to your valuable belongings as there were signs throughout the palace to warn about pickpockets! We were taking photos non-stop, every corner we turned, there was something that caught our eyes. Versailles is the most famous palace in the world, no doubt about it!  The extravagant and overwhelming decors and architecture completely blew our minds off!

One of the hallways in Versailles:

A chapel right inside the Versailles:

One of the many fully decorated room, everywhere we looked were full of details:

Before we noticed where we were heading to, we ended up in the famous Hall of Mirrors! It was believable to see it in person! The crystal chandeliers were astonishing, how can people built this palace hundreds of years ago? We couldn’t help but keep saying “wow, look at this!”

Hall of Mirrors was my favorite “room” in Versailles!

We went through the rooms (lost count of how many) in Versailles and got out to the garden area.

After browsing through the huge garden, we went back to the front to take more photos of the exterior of the palace. The palace was quite colorful:

We called this the true “golden gate”:

We left Versailles around 12:30 pm and on our way out, we saw the entrance line to the palace was at least 3X longer when we got there! So go early or late!

Walking back to Versaille train station saw this cute building.  I love the architecture in France!

We walked back to Versailles train station, took the RER C train directly back to St. Michel Notre Dame to have our late lunch. We walked up from the metro station and went in a street filled with restaurants!

Those restaurants have lunch special menu for 10 euros, 15 euros, etc. for 3 course meal! We randomly picked one restaurant and had our lunch. I had onion soup, beef pot, and chocolate mousse. The food quality was good compared to the price we paid 10 euros each but “acceptable” by the standards of food in Paris.

After lunch, it was around 2:30 pm, we walked to Notre Dame since it was so close.



The line was long too to get in Notre Dame but well worth it! While we waited in line, we took pictures of the exterior of the most famous Gothic style church in the world! The details of the architecture was incredible!

We got in after half an hour wait and explored the church. Note that no flash allowed inside the church so our pictures came out to be in the darker side:

The stained-glass windows were so beautiful!

We only spent an hour or so inside Notre Dame, other church-lovers would spend a whole day here. On our way out, we saw some souvenir coins vending machine and my husband started his habit of collecting those coins in Paris! We were planning to climb up the towers but the sky was getting dark so we afraid it’ll rain! The line to climb up the tower was long and moving very slow! We’ll wait until another blue sky clear day to climb up!

Since we are around the BNP Paribas ATM location, we walked and found the ATM. The ATM was very easy to use but I think there is a limit of 500 euros per day which wasn’t a problem for us!

Next, we walked pass by Sainte-Chapelle and since we weren’t tired so we decided to visit that as well.  With the Paris Museum Pass, we walked right through without much wait! Sainte-Chapelle was under restoration so some part were covered. But still, the famous stained-glass was gorgeous!

Afterwards, we went back to our hotel to take a break before heading back out for dinner.  Our reservation at Le Reminet is at 7:00 pm; we head out at 6:00 pm and it was raining so we didn’t bring our DSLR camera.  Le Reminet is near Notre Dame and even with a map, it took us some time to find the place. We entered the restaurant and told the waiter our name and we made a reservation through The Fork. We were guided down to the “basement” of the restaurant. It was quite unique and romantic (this time I wish I had my camera however I still have my point and shoot).

The food quality was excellent!

Appetizers: some fish dish and oysters

Main courses: steak with foie gras and fish

The foie gras was very very smooth, more creamy texture than the one I had last night at Le P’tit Troquet. Both foie gras was different and excellent so I can’t decide which one I like more!

Desserts: chocolate cage and creme brulee

Once again, our dinner was beyond our expectation! When we got the check, 40% off was taken off the bill (the deal from The Fork) and money was well spent! Love the food in Paris!

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