Hawaii – Maui 3: Just Relax

Hawaii – Maui 3

Our vacation went by too fast and it was our last day, I wished it was our first day and started all over again!!  We were considering doing the road to Hana but it is a full day trip! We were thinking since we were out everyday, we didn’t even have time to enjoy our beautiful hotel so we decided to spend our last day in our hotel…just relax! I woke up at 7 am while hubby was still sleeping like a pig but I don’t blame him, he was almost driving the whole day yesterday! I decided to walk around the hotel hoping to find some tropical flowers to take pictures of.

Here are the photos of the hotel and flowers I saw:

Love this shades of pink!!

Beach early in the morning:

Kids were already having fun at the kid’s pool:

I was lucky enough that still one of this kind of flower left blooming (beautiful name: bird of paradise)!

This one grew out of the tree! Love the violet/purple color!

I did a whole loop around the Westin and then went back to our room. By now, my hubby and cousins were awake and we started to prepare for our “brunch” in our big kitchen:

BBQ steaks and shrimps 😀

Then we enjoyed our wonderful brunch at our porch! It was yummy, better than we went out to eat 😀

After our brunch, we spent time on the beach.  Past few trips when we got back home, I felt like we took so much landscape photos that we didn’t have much chances to take some nice photos together.  So we did some couples portraits 😀

Blue sky, white clouds, and palm trees….vacation!

Very clear water and the shades of blue of the water….paradise!

Hubby and cousin lol!!!

We went to the pool bar and ordered some smoothies…sit and relax for a bit.  Then the guys went back to the supermarket again to get more food because they wanted to make dinner after our delicious brunch.  Us ladies were relaxing in our room and checking out our photos we took.

We did more photos around sunset and here are some:

Our last day in Maui, we need to have some crazy moments….

It was really a fun day!

Our day went by too quickly!  We went back to our hotel and made our dinner. Look at how many dishes we made!!

Our last dinner in Maui….all the good memories will be with us forever!


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