Grand Cayman Day 6 – Beach Beach Beach

Day 6 – Beach Beach & Beach

We  have been in Grand Cayman for 6 days now and we haven’t really spend much time on the beach so today our plan was all beach!  It was a sunny day unlike yesterday so it was perfect for beach! First stop the most famous of the beaches – Seven Mile Beach! We got there early before 9 am so it was still nice and quiet and we were able to set up our travel best friend – our tripod LOL! People passing by were looking at us, probably thinking we were weird but we don’t mind as long as we got some great photos of us together 🙂

An advantage of being there early besides avoiding the crowd is the angle of the sun which gives the pretty turquoise water color and softer light to make you look great on photos. At noon, it’ll be harsh light which gives very dark shadow on your face unless you have a flash. Afternoon up till 3 pm is good too and after that it’s harder to get the turquoise color because of the water reflects the sun. To get the golden sunset color, be there an hour before sunset. Any time of the day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, the Caribbean sun will burn you easily!

My pretty sandals from Guess 🙂

We walked back to our hotel and took our car and drive to the next one….the Public Beach. There was a big parking lot at the Public Beach and a lot of vendors here from renting beach chairs to selling food. It was started to pack here!

Since a lot of beach chairs were set up here, it didn’t give much space for us for photos so we headed back to our car and off to the next beach.

Art display made from wood at the Public Beach.

We arrived at Cemetery Beach, as indicated by the name…in front of the cemetery. The cemetery was very colorful filled with flowers. We passed many cemeteries on our drive to the East End yesterday and I noticed that many cemeteries were right next to the beautiful ocean…..pretty place to rest in peace 🙂

We parked right at the front of the cemetery as many people parked there and then there was a little pathway on the right way to enter the beach. Much more quieter over here than the Public Beach, better view as well!

I spotted a nice palm tree on the beach so that was where we set up the tripod 🙂 I always had a picture in my mind to associate white clouds, turquoise water, white sand, and a palm tree to make it a perfect picture of paradise haha…found it!

That was the palm tree we photographed in..right in front of a waterfront mansion…..imagine living in this house, waking up everyday and see the beautiful beach so jealous!

A panorama of the Cemetery Beach, plenty of beach area!

We continued to walk up where there was less people and a nice background with houses 🙂

Cemetery Beach is my favorite beach!

We spent quite some time on Cemetery Beach….I really don’t want to leave!!! But then I got hungry and time for lunch! I picked Heritage Kitchen based on reviews of fresh seafood at decent prices! Heritage Kitchen was tricky to find, how to find it? When you drive from Seven Mile Beach area to West Bay via West Bay Road you’ll see an Esso gas station on the left and John Gray Memorial United Church on the right, turn left at the street in front of the gas station, it will have a sign that said Boggy Sand Rd. Continue to the end of the road and turn left, you’ll see two blue houses, one is the Powell Museum and another “hidden” on the back is Heritage Kitchen.

The Powell Museum and craft shop:

Heritage Kitchen:

 We parked our car right on front of Heritage Kitchen and checked out the Powell Museum and its gift shop. Free admission to the museum so check it out!

My stomach was calling me so time for lunch! Their menu:

I ordered the conch soup, the fried conch fritters, Cayman style snapper for hubby and Cayman style grouper for myself, oh and a can of orange soda….total was $42 USD. Cash is accepted here but you’ll get Cayman Dollars back for change, the lady did conversion back and forth 😀

Cute displays and with the Trip Advisor logo.

It was across the street from the beach so pretty view for lunch.

We went to the back side and sat on the picnic table where there was shade….it was comfortable under the shade!  We waited for our food and in between there were at least 3 tour buses stopped by!!! Here came our food! The conch soup was very good, we liked the mild spicy flavor!  The fried conch fritters were okay; I am not a fritter fan.

My Cayman style group, it was pretty good.

Hubby’s Cayman style snapper….fresh!

It was good value for a fresh fish lunch! After lunch, we stopped at the West Bay Beach, a lot of vendors here selling stuff too!

We made a loop around West Bay to Turtle Farm then passed by Hell and then came back down and another loop to Morgan’s Harbor. There wasn’t much scenic spot to stop and see on the way though……afterwards, we drove back to the hotel.

We headed back out for dinner…we had a hard time deciding where to eat and hubby missed the crab claws so we went back to Da Fish Shake!

We got the front seat facing the sea again but no luck for a beautiful sunset as the clouds were covering the horizon grrrrr! Hubby ordered the mussels, it was $14 or $16 CI very expensive and it disappointed us! It was only 8 mussels oh wow extremely expensive and it wasn’t that good! Hubby was hoping for the mussels he had in Cancun 🙁

But the crab claws were good and he enjoyed it at least!

The view at night with the bright star…wonder what’s that star?

I had the burger, it was good and the fries were very good!

Hubby ordered the fish and chips, it was okay.

I had so many fried food in Grand Cayman and they gave me a lot of pimples ahhhhh!!!!

Here came the bill…..$95 USD (tips weren’t automatically added to the bill so we made it a little bit over 15% to add up to $95).  The food wasn’t bad but we weren’t impressed. We drove back after dinner and reviewed the photos we took today, it is always a fun activity to see the pictures we took 🙂 Tomorrow will be our last full day in the island and to swim with the dolphin!!!

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  1. I am enjoying your blog and all your awesome travels! I am also avid traveller and amateur photographer. I was wondering, what kind of camera and lenses you use on your trip?. Your pics are amazing! I have just a Canon rebel, but would like to upgrade soon for my trip to Europe.

  2. Hi Lisa, thank you and I am glad you enjoyed my photos! I use Canon 5D Mark III with EF 24-70 f/2.8 lens, that's my main travel lens. Prior to that, I was using the Canon Rebel T3i with EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 lens until it was stolen! I really like the 17-55 lens, I would recommend that if you are planning to upgrade to a non full frame camera (24-70 f/2.8 for full frame of course!). You can check out my photos that I took in France, Germany, and Austria back in 2012; all those photos were taken with the T3i and 17-55 f/2.8 lens.

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