Arrived Rhodes, Greece!

Friday, May 23, 2014

After months of preparing and waiting, total of 8 hours of layover, and 11 hours of flight, we finally arrived our first stop in Greece – Rhodes. It was crazily long because of the 5 hours layover in Munich and then another 3 in Athens, I could’ve booked an earlier flight from Athens to Rhodes; 3 hours was way more than enough time to recheck our baggage and go through security. We landed in Rhodes at 10:15 PM, I was debating to take a taxi to the hotel or take the bus and after chatted with hubby, we decided to take the bus since I heard the bus stop was right in front of the hotel – Sheraton Rhodes. We looked for the bus stop for a few mins and ended up asking people and found out after exiting the airport, turn left all the way down. Luckily, the bus arrived immediately (bus schedule can be found here:, the fare was 2.3 euros per person.

I told the bus driver that we are getting off at the Sheraton Hotel, he was kind enough to let us know when approaching the stop. The ride was a smooth one! The hardest part was getting to the reception which was up the hill!!!! Silly us we followed the drive way and walked up to the hill with our luggage (smarter way would be go pass the swimming pool and use the elevator on the 1st floor to go up to the reception located on the 7th floor). I booked the ocean view lower floor room and ended up getting room 110 – on the 1st floor…..the view urggg pool not the ocean! So if you are going to stay at the Sheraton Rhodes, please make sure don’t get a room on the 1st floor, the rooms are too low to view the ocean! By the time we got to our room, we were so tired and hungry! I was prepared for this late night arrival so I bought along instant noodles 🙂

The room was decent size and comfortable, it had a little kitchenette too but no pots what so ever to even boil water for our instant noodle! However, it had a microwave, our dinner time – this is probably the best  instant noodle ever LOL!

Shower time!!! The bathroom urgg whoever designed it, definitely not meant for average people. First, the bathtub was high, no clue why. Second, it was so tight, I couldn’t even make a turn without bumping myself sigh and I am pretty skinny!!!

Other than that, it was a huge hotel and conveniently located right outside of Rhodes town. Alright really need to head to bed to recharge for a full day tomorrow!!!

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