Iceland – The Sparkling Diamond Beach

Capturing the sunrise is likely the toughest time for photographers….it’s so hard to wake up at the crack of dawn during vacation. It was super easy in Iceland – sunrise at 10 am, no problem waking up at 8 am, have breakfast, and then out to wait for the sunrise 🙂 Oh….not to mention, “sunrise” was a slow transition in Iceland due to the extremely low angle of the sun. As we were having breakfast, the sun slowly creeping up. It was great to have breakfast included since food in Iceland is outrageously expensive. Our room cost $110 per night (I booked via Travelocity when they were running the promotion $100 off $300) and our dinner the night before was $100!

After the full breakfast, we heading back to the glacier lagoon, sunrise with snow on the ground made it looked extra colorful.

When we were approaching the glacier lagoon, before the bridge, we saw a road going down to the Diamond Beach, yay let’s go! I have never seen so much people at sunrise LOL 🙂

Diamond Beach is such a unique location for sunrise photos because of the see-through reflecting icebergs in various shapes and forms.

Life as a photographer in Iceland for a week LOL!

Next, we went across the road to park at the start of a hiking trail, we climbed up those hills before during summer time for the view of the glacier lagoon from the other side of it.


Since the weather was good, we decided to go find the “secret lagoon”, Fjallsárlón Glacial Lagoon. Google map has the direction to Fjallsárlón, the first time when we went, there was no direction to get there and we stumbled upon it by accident. The road was in better shape this time, maybe they are starting to build facilities there.

We should’ve driven up to the end of the road to save some walking but it was good morning exercise as well.

Fjallsárlón Glacial Lagoon, the heart is still there! I was saying last year that the next time I get back to Iceland, I hope the “heart” is still there.

Zach made an Iceland friend there!

Doesn’t that look like submarine?

Ice bed?

The dog was posing for Zach too, so cute!

We thought the dog belongs to the other couple who were there but they left. When we walking back, the dog also following Zach LOL!

We think that the dog belongs to one of the construction workers there.

Finally to Jökulsárlón…

The lagoon looked different from yesterday’s 🙂

Great reflections on a calm day 🙂

After the snow melted can see the whole iceberg, look at the blue color!

After the glacier lagoon, we drove over an hour to Hofn to figure out our meals for two days…..we been to the supermarket Nettó last year so we know they sell cooked chicken wings that we can heat up or put into our instant noodle. We had thought for the price of our last night’s dinner ($150) we could buy a microwave LOL! We searched the supermarket, they have a little electronic section, but no microwave ahhhhh!

I also looked for The Berry Company – Blueberry juice, my friend who went this summer recommended it, it is very refreshing.The shelf has other flavors but not the Blueberry one so I asked a staff there if they have anymore. The lady bought out a whole box for me and I helped to put them on the shelf hehe.

Look at how many bottles I bought and those cooked chickens for dinner.

How did we ending heating those chicken wings? We put inside the instant cup noodle (which Jason hated them LOL), wishing we’ve brought few cups from home instead! The next night, we heated them up by……guess? Hairdryer LOL! The outter layer got hot but inside was warm at best 🙁 It was raining the whole night as forecasted so no hunting tonight 🙁 One more night to go at the glacier lagoon so wishing us the best of luck!

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  1. You are turning into a snow queen.Argentina,Chile and Antarctica await.i can definetly see you with penguins.You would also look good snowmobiling for moose in Northern new england

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