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Pampered Me Like a Princess at Thornbury Castle

The princess dream has to wake up after stayed a night at Thornbury Castle, well, not yettttttttttt! We enjoyed our breakfast in the dining room where we dined for 3 hours the night before and this time was only two of us! Sokunna and Brian, once again, wanted more sleep so it was only us two in this empty dining room. The breakfast was similar to what we had at Ellenborough Park, a spread of fruits, jams, juice, cold cuts, cereal, and pastries. Then, a menu to order hot items.

The room is medieval castle style so not much lights except near the windows on one side of the wall. After breakfast, we scouted out locations for our photos. This was the room we waited for dinner last night:

A smaller dining room in front of the main dining room where we had our dinner and breakfast:

We had the morning here before heading back to London to catch our flight at 4:50 pm so we had enough time for another mini photo session. We went back to our room, changed, and took photos of each other as the other two were still sleeping! Here are some of our photos in the beautiful castle and its ground!

Sokunna and Brian woke up, had their breakfast, and joined us for photos so yay photos of us 🙂

It was cloudy at first and then the weather got better and eventually cleared up just for a bit for some amazing photos of the castle!

Our long weekend birthday getaway trip was wonderful even though we were disappointed on Arlington Row! The Cotswolds was a good weekend getaway trip, not too far with a nonstop and inexpensive flight from Boston (it was cheaper to fly to London than to California can you believe that?) and just enough to see to fill the long weekend. We modified our itinerary to the Jurassic Coast after we got “bored” of the same style medieval monotoned towns/villages. Some were very cute such as Chipping Campden but once you saw that, I felt like you saw it all. In my opinion, the “charming” villages in the UK are not as pretty nor picturesque as the ones in France and Italy. Perhaps, I really like colorful villages so the monotoned wasn’t as impressive to me. The Jurassic Coast was nice but I am not too interested in coastal cliffs. The most memorable of this trip was staying in Thornbury Castle, we were totally castle and palace people so being able to stay in it and have the whole place to ourselves for photos was a great experience. Plus, I haven’t seen Jason dressed up so formally and have photos with beautiful backdrops since our wedding 😉

6 thoughts on “Pampered Me Like a Princess at Thornbury Castle

  1. Beautiful pictures as always! It’s commendable how resourcefully you were able to squeeze in a celebratory trip over a long weekend.
    Can’t wait for your next post!

  2. OMG! I stayed at Thornbury Castle with my mother in March of 2016. Get this, in the EXACT same room as you did! It was amazing! I loved the fireplace in the room. They had it burning upon our arrival, and also had free congnac in the room. What a greeting. We thought the food was very fancy as well, but good. Did you ask for a tour of the property? They have a former desk clerk that will come and give you a private tour for a very reasonable cost. That was very informative. We loved everything about our night in a real castle.

    1. We loved our stay in a real castle too, wow you stayed in the exact room too!!! We arrived really late so didn’t have time to ask for a private tour and the next half morning, we were busy with our photos 🙂

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