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Celebrating Our Anniversary at the St. Regis Bora Bora

Much anticipated breakfast at the St. Regis Bora Bora (complimentary due to my Marriott Platinum status), the selections and presentations were definitely higher-end but the Asian items were disappointing. Of course it’ll be unfair to compare to the breakfast at Asian hotels like the Conrad Koh Samui that we stayed last year, but I had my hopes that being a St. Regis should be “special”. Other non-Asian selections were abundant and looked great.

The Asian breakfast tables with make your own miso soup, Japanese seaweed salad, and dumplings.

The vegetable and noodle stir-fried looked dry.

Hash browns, sausages…

The cheese and raw fish section:

Cereal, toast, oatmeal…

The fruit section:

Cold cuts and salad:

The juice table and I am glad that they have my favorite Rotui mango juice!

My breakfast plate: the stir-fried noodle was so salty and no taste ewww! The shumai were not as good as the ones at Sofitel Moorea but edible with Thai chili sauce. The miso soup was a little bit better than the one at the Le Meridien.

In addition, you can order from the menu card which I ordered crepes with cream. The breakfast room was at the Aparima Bar where we had lunch the day before so the view was just the beach, unlike the Le Meridien where the views made up for the food quality.

Silly Jeffrey didn’t check the room type before booking so he ended up booking the room without breakfast. However, they decided to do canoe breakfast for at least $100 per person compared to the regular breakfast at more than $50 per person so just double that for the experience. They thought about having the canoe breakfast at the Le Meridien but the hotel said since they don’t have breakfast included, it’ll cost them extra which was quoted at like $150 per person (don’t remember the exact amount but it was more than the St. Regis which is odd). For good lighting, I suggested that they have the canoe breakfast at around 10 AM and they confirmed with the hotel. While they were getting ready, we took photos at our pontoon walkway.

We saw the canoe at a distance so we went back in their room and get ready for photos. Here we go!

While the lady carried the tray of breakfast up to their deck and setting it all up, the boys go on for a canoe ride.

Breakfast at their deck, much better view than at the restaurant!

While they were browsing through the St. Regis Bora Bora’s Instagram page, they saw a video of the Japanese butler (whom gave us the hotel tour yesterday) saber the champagne! We thought it was really cool so Jeffrey called the butler service and ask for details. Surprisingly, they said they’ll send a butler to saber the champagne at our room and asked if we have a bottle of their champagne available.

Carmen, the butler, ringed the door bell and carried along with her the sword which looked super cool and a bottle of champagne! She said it works the best with a cold bottle champagne chilled at a certain temperature. She was so kind that she said since we have the unopened bottle (we received free as welcome gift), she will take that bottle afterward so we won’t get charge for the bottle. She explained how sabering works….line up the sword perpendicular to the line on the champagne. Swipe the sword from the bottom and up at a high speed and due to the pressure inside the bottle, once you hit that mark, the glass will break.

Ready, set, go! Pop! It was super cool, do you see the glass that broke out and flying to the roof?

It looked like a clean cut too!

Carmen was super nice and she even know that it was Jason and my anniversary today (I filled that out in the form that we were here for a special occasion)….even Jason didn’t realize that lol! When she said that, Jason was like oh yes it’s exactly today, March 9th!

Silly Jason, please don’t attempt like him, that’s totally wrong demonstration haha!

Like I said the service at the St. Regis Bora Bora was one of the top that we had ever experienced, they will do their best to fulfill all your asks even like this one. We didn’t expect that we inquired something we saw on the Instagram page and the next thing they showed up at your door….without extra charge!!! We gave a small tips as an appreciation from us.

After their breakfast, it was time for us to explore the hotel on our bikes.

We rode all the way to the snorkeling lagoon and with the clear sky, we could see Mt. Otemanu.

Then continued on our loop and stopped by at the bridge to walk down to that little area of sand for photos.

We took turns walking down to the beach and it was so hot out at the sun. We took a break in the gym for AC, cold water, and cold towels.

Afterward, we continued to explore the hidden area of the hotel.

We saw a huge eel swimming by near the edge of the beach :O That eel was enormous!

The end of the beach with the hut:

Then we rode to the Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges where it has the best view of Mt. Otemanu in the hotel. That turquoise lagoon and the mountain peak, a signature of Bora Bora!

The hotel pier where guests arrived by boat.

There are glass floors on the deck of the Lagoon Restaurant.

The perfect table view, we were surprised no one there for photos except us 🙂

Jeffrey and Peter decided to head back to their room to change and snorkel at the lagoon. Jason and I continued to explore the other pontoon, those are the overwater bungalows numbered 300’s I think without any view of Mt. Otemanu.

Another chain of overwater bungalows but closer to shore.

We then headed back to our room where Jason changed and took the life vest so he can join Peter and Jeffrey to snorkel in the lagoon. Look at the fishes and how clear the water is!

There was a gigantic fish that came out once in a while and the guys said it was so huge that they afraid to get near that fish. Other fishes were following them thinking they’ll get food 🙂 Peter found his BFF where that fish followed him around the lagoon, it was so cute.

We spent the afternoon there, snorkeling and feeding fishes. By the time we got back to our overwater bungalow, surprise anniversary gifts from the hotel, how thoughtful!

I booked the dinner at the Lagoon Restaurant at 6 PM in advance to celebrate our anniversary and the golf cart came to pick us up. I was hoping that we could get a table at the outside deck but they said due to the wind, only inside tables for dinner. We got two tables facing Mt. Otemanu inside. There’s also a huge glass floor inside as well and it just happened that a shark swimmed by; perfect timing.

At around sunset, Jeffrey and I walked out to the deck to take photos. There were other guests on the deck having drinks; it wasn’t as peaceful as when we were there this afternoon.

We got back into the restaurant and our food started to arrive. Free amuse-bouche to start our meal….I think it was some crab cake or cheese ball, I forgot.

Appetizer, Jason ordered the Sautéed Reef Octopus, it was yummy but like other fine-dinning, portions were extra small.

I ordered the Seared Duck Foie Gras, so good!

For the main course, I ordered the Chicken Supreme, tender chicken and I like the cream that tasted like curry.

Jason ordered the Lamb Chops, from New Zealand, very tender without the strong lamb taste.

Another surprise anniversary gift 🙂 Our dinner for two, since Jeffrey and Peter on a separate table/bill, came to $194.22. Food quality were excellent but if we were to pick again, we would go back to Bam Boo for more filling dinner haha!

Remember we still have a cake in our room for dessert! The cake was delicious!!! The guys opened a bottle of wine (free from the Le Meridien…we still have a few bottles left in the fridge LOL) so wine plus cake for them. I don’t drink, I am happy to stick with my Rotui mango juice 😉

Happy Anniversary to us 🙂

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  1. Beautiful location and excellent experiences to mark another year of togetherness. Wishing you and Jason many more adventures together!

      1. Thanks! You make the dress looks great! I have never given thought to match dress to my surroundings to make the pictures look better. Learn a lot from you guys.

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