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Having been to Japan, it’s one of the friendliest, cleanest, and safest countries I visited. I couldn’t recommend enough to experience the Japanese culture even though language might be a barrier but all the locals are so friendly to help you out anytime! My stay in Japan was mostly in Tokyo and Kyoto area so there is still so much of the country that I haven’t explore yet. If Japan is in your radar, check out the guest post by Margaret Tolson below on the 4 of the most unique experiences in Japan!

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Combining graceful natural scenery with an intriguing culture and unmatched cosmopolitan bliss, Japan is full of incredible attractions and engaging moments. This is a nation where courtesy and beauty are celebrated over all else, a land where bewitching waterfalls and blossoming flowers dominate timelessly beautiful landscapes. Japan is praised and traversed by millions of tourists every year. And given that visitors from most countries are allowed to stay for up to 90 days with no visa, it’s no wonder that Japan has risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s most deeply adored destinations.

Looking for a soul-stirring adventure in this magnificent Asian nation? Here are some of the most unique experiences in Japan you just can’t afford to miss.

1. Socialise with furry friends at cafes

If great food and furry pets sounds like a smashing combination, then a stroll down Japan’s streets will grant you your heart’s desire. One thing you can be sure of is that if there’s a cute animal out there, Japan will have a cafe dedicated to it. The country is famous for its love of cat cafes, where you can enjoy delicious refreshments while being surrounded by beautiful felines. You will usually be charged in time increments and pay about 300 yen for a minimum of ten minutes. You’ll be able to play with them and pet them as much as you want (without picking them up or chasing them). Japan even has owl cafes and goat cafes, where you can get your fill of weird and wonderful creatures.

2. Gorge on excellent street food

Japan’s streets are the ultimate destination for travellers chasing after their next great culinary escapade. Enter the nation’s glorious food markets, where rich aromas and mouth-watering sights assail your senses from every direction. The food here may not be as cheap or bewildering as it is in South East Asia, but it’s just as irresistible and delicious. Here you’ll find street vendors cooking up all kinds of unique Japanese delicacies such as spicy cucumber-on-a-stick and local snacks that are distinctive to the region you’re in.

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3. Explore the Tsukiji Fish Market

Ever wondered what the world’s largest fish market looks like? Venture into the enigmatic maze that is the busy Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo for an unforgettable glance into Japan’s fishing industry. Entering the market, you’ll see countless food stalls and shops surrounding the real action. Come here early enough and you’ll be able to be a part of the country’s infamous tuna auctions and learn more about its thriving restaurant business scene. You can consider hiring a local guide to join you on this adventure, as they can fill you in on the market’s incredible history, pick out the freshest seafood and keep you from getting lost in all the chaos.

4. Stay at an authentic ryokan onsen

Step wholeheartedly into the world of Japanese tradition and culture at an authentic ryokan. Ryokans are inns that come with traditional Japanese furniture and fittings such as sliding doors, tatami floors and sleeping mats. These charming accommodations come with hot public baths where you can enjoy a rejuvenating soak. A standard ryokan will get you a regular hot tub while ryokan onsens allow travellers to experience the luxury of a natural thermal bath with water being fed from an underwater stream. Ryokans are also a great way to savour the best of Japan’s local cuisine, with a variety of traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes you can try during your stay.

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  1. Miss vacation, while I completely respect you doing what you feel you want with your blog, because it is your blog—-I really hope this does not become clustered with guest posts. I specifically come to your blog because I love the way you document your own experiences in a nicely laid out day by day/event by event format. You do something that most travel bloggers do not do much now-a-days. The way YOU recount your experiences (each with pictures) sooooo well that it feels as if I am right there with you every step of the way.

    I specifically avoid other travel blogs because they all seem to do guests posts and highlights of destinations instead of a nice detailed and actual blog. So while I could see why it would be nice to add in guest posts to fill in the gaps while you are busy or not traveling, I really hope it does not turn into every other so-travel blog because that is what sets YOUR blog apart from others.

    Please do not take offense, I have been with you since the start and I love YOUR style!

    1. I received a lot of guest post requests but only did it if the content is relevant and to fill in the long gaps during my busy wedding season, promised you that I won’t spam it 🙂 Just got back from my 2.5 weeks road trip around Italy and France so can’t wait to share the pictures and my stories to you all but it will take a while to process those thousands of pics, stay tuned!

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