New Year, New Adventure Awaits

Happy New Year to all of you! Sorry for the late post, we welcomed our baby girl, Liana, on Dec. 18th 🙂 Life has never been so busy before; I have been constantly battling with time – the cycle of feeding, diaper change, and getting her to sleep. I hope it’ll get easier as she grows a bit older so I can plan for our trips. We already booked Greece to celebrate our 10th year anniversary and will be bringing her with us. Those of you who had traveled with your little kids please share your tips with me! Our 2019 adventures below, looking forward to a New Year, a new adventure awaits!

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventure Awaits

  1. Congratulations!! Such a beautiful name and she looks just adorable. I look forward to following your travels with kids. We are currently in NZ with our youngest (19 years old), but traveled all over with our 3 (now 24, 22 & 19 years). Our youngest just this morning asked “when are we going to have another all family holiday” – so they don’t grow out of wanting to travel with you! Or perhaps that has more to do with who pays the bill 🙂

    1. I hope Liana will enjoy traveling with us like your kids so we can explore the world with her 🙂 Haha daddy and mommy pay the bill forever!

  2. Congratulations Lisa & Jason, such a cute bundle of joy! Welcome to the world Liana.
    We traveled for 5 months when my son was 9 months old. It’s easier to travel with a baby than with a toddler lol. The baby can be easily carried in a baby carrier and they love it! We found that we needed to slow down our pace and work around the schedule a bit to accommodate naps. Baby didn’t stop us from doing anything we wanted, we managed to hike the Quirang in Scotland with him! We took turns doing the whiskey distillery tours. I’m sure you will do just fine and build new memories with Liana.
    Wonderful adventures!

    1. Thank you very much! WOW traveled for 5 months, I wish I can do that! I am so worried that she’ll get sick during travel, do you carry any meds with you all the time?

      1. Yes we carry all my son’s regular and preventive medications (for him & us) with us all the time even now after he turned 10 years in December 🙂 We stuck to Developed countries for the first many years. Prior to visiting 3rd world country, depending on the country we have given him meds/shots for Malaria, Typhoid and Yellow Fever and carried antibiotics and hydration packs. We never had to use any of them, touchwood! Better be safe than sorry.

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