Hawaii, USA

Babymoon in Hawaii Part 4

Our last day in Oahu, we went to Royal Kitchen in Chinatown to get dim sum. In our prior trips, we didn’t have a chance to get dim sum from a Chinese bakery so we made it this time. Unfortunately, we were so disappointed! The buns are not as fluffy as the ones we have in Boston and the meat fillings inside tasted bad! The shumai barely have any taste either. It was a waste of $13.56 in our opinion, we rather have malasadas.

We don’t have much planned for the day so we just go around “beach hopping” to see pretty beaches. First, we went to the famous turtle beach – Laniakea Beach but no turtle at all 🙁

We continued to drive our way north to Waimea Bay Beach Park to see the big waves and surfers. I guess we were too early that much not surfers there yet.

We found the tree that we took pictures with 7 years ago…..now:

7 years ago:

Continued heading north to Sunset Beach Park, barely anyone there!

The main reason we headed to North Shore was to try out Jenny’s Shrimp Truck. After Giovanni’s, I wonder if there’s any other shrimp truck that is close to Macky’s taste. I went to Yelp to read the reviews and found Jenny’s Shrimp Truck. People commented that this is the closest to Macky’s.

Just by the look of the shrimp plate, it is similar to Macky’s with a slice of sweet pineapple, a salad on the side, and loaded with garlic sauce on the rice.

After the first bite, my memory of Macky’s taste appeared, WOW! I was so glad that we made the trip. I highly recommend Jenny’s over Giovanni’s!!!

Dessert time? It sounded crazy but since we didn’t have anything in plan and it was burning hot, we went back to downtown to Frost City for Taiwanese shaved ice. They have a small parking lot shared with other businesses in that block but very limited so we made a few rounds before we got a space.

We got the combination pineapple + coconut and matcha + Thai iced tea flavors (both for $20.84). I like Taiwanese shaved ice more than Hawaiian shaved ice because Taiwanese style tasted creamier like ice cream rather than flavored ice.

After dessert, how about snack? Hahaha! We went to Ono Seafood to get some fresh poke for later on. Too bad I couldn’t eat raw fish due to pregnancy so I have to watch Jason and my mom eat those yummy pokes 🙁

We went back to the hotel to take a rest, packing up, and hang around the Waikiki area. For dinner, we went to Chengdu Taste for spicy food. The restaurant is located upstairs, very spacious and clean. We ordered pork stir-fried with shredded peppers. It was tasty!

The “water boil” beef was good with the right amount of numbness.

The sour cabbage fish tasted great.

My mom couldn’t eat spicy food so we ordered some dishes that is non-spicy. We were surprised that bitter melon fried egg can be this good!

Stir-fried vegetable.

Our table was full of dishes, yummmmm! Full table of food cost only $100 tips included, we were so full! All the food we had in Oahu was great except for the bakery dim sum and Thai food, I wish we have such great food in Boston!

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