Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, 2022 is here! Traditionally, I have been creating a collage to summarize the countries I have traveled to the past year but due to the pandemic, our travel has been limited. In 2021, we had been to Greece and French Polynesia only, both I have visited multiple times. I am glad that we made the trips; I would be crazy without traveling internationally for two-plus years! For 2022, I have Bali and Tokyo and Antarctica cruise booked; I just wish that we can make those trips. With two small kids in the house now, that changed how I plan to travel in the future. I would be more comfortable taking shorter trips than a long one. Liana got sick while we were in French Polynesia and it was rough, thankfully, she recovered in two days. Also, I don’t expect we will get back to any “normal” but I hope that we will adjust to the new “norm” with COVID and its variants. What about you? Do you plan any trips planned in 2022?

Happy New Year from our family to yours, we wish everyone a healthy and safe new year! Welcome our new bundle of joy – Landon 🙂

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