Antarctica Cruise – Kayaking at Paradise Bay

Another beautiful day in Antarctica as we sailed toward Paradise Bay/Brown Station. I got a call from the activity desk in the morning to ask if we wanted to go kayaking since they had 2 last-minute cancellations. I wasn’t so sure since I never kayak before but since they need an answer right away, I suggested they call Jeffrey and them because for sure they will go. Jeffrey and Judy took the spots, good for them 🙂

After breakfast, I went up to the deck for photos; the landscape was so mesmerizing!

The reflections were surreal!

We arrived at Paradise Bay! The name really suits it!

I got a message from Jeffrey that the activity desk was trying to reach us, they had 2 more open slots!!! Jason and I decided to go!!! We went down to pick up our gears, get half-dressed and ready:

We went down to level 3 to get fully dressed and our equipment, the thermal suit and life jacket were really tight!!!

The zodiac boat took us to a “beach” to start our kayaking adventure. We were lucky that we were able to launch our kayaks right on the beach instead of on the water, which would be hard and scary for me.

What a beautiful clear day, it was perfect for kayaking!

Silly Jason!

During the briefing, the guide did not recommend bringing a DSLR camera so the kayaking photos were taken from our Samsung S21 phones.

The guides’ kayaks were green while ours were red.

Ready to go!

Left, right, left, right, paddle, paddle, it wasn’t too bad! We synced pretty well 🙂

The water was so clear! Being so low on the water gave us a different perspective.

We were able to get much closer to see the birds and their nesting grounds.

Single file heading to the glacier.

The views were spectacular! How many people can say that their first kayaking experience was in Antarctica? It was truly special for us.

I was nervous when we got close to bigger icebergs >.<

We managed to dodge those icebergs.

We took a moment of silence to enjoy this pristine landscape! All we could hear were the birds and the sound of glacier calving.

The one-hour kayaking went by quickly and it was time for us to head back.

On our way back, someone noticed something on the iceberg!

We turned around and did a detour….

Follow the group to…

There was a seal sleeping on the iceberg!!!

We all circled around the seal, took some pics and videos and headed back.

The kayaking was truly an experience and well worth the 124 per person.

After kayaking, we only have time for one activity so we picked the landing of course over the small boat cruising. On our way to the landing, we spotted another whale.

The penguins conquered the cabin!

We made a landing at Argentina’s Brown Station.

View of Paradise Bay filled with floating icebergs.

Started our hike…

It got so warm that we took off our hats, Jeffrey even took off his jacket.

Then, a steep hill up for a higher elevation view….

It was hard work and I was more worried about getting down!

We made it halfway and decided to turn back, the views were the same but at a little bit higher elevation while Jeffrey made his way to the top. He confirmed that the views were the same so we didn’t miss anything.

We got down and took the easy hike to the other cabins.

This cabin was almost buried in snow.

This was as far as we were allowed to go.

A look back at the cabin that we first landed.

Can you see a seal sleeping on the back of the cabin (right side of the cabin)? You can only see it from this angle.

After the photos, we made our way back.

For dinner, we went to Restaurant Aune. The soup was urgg okay.

I am not a raw person so I gave this up to Jason.

At least the steak was edible but I couldn’t finish it, it was too oily.

The only dish that was decent was the dessert, this was how bad Restaurant Aune was!

We ended up ordering takeout from Restaurant Fredheim and we asked to make the food less salty….not sure if it’s Philippino who eats salty food or what. The fried rice and noodles were much better with less salt.

After we got back to our room, we received certificates for our kayaking adventure in Antarctica hahaha!

Overall, Paradise Bay was beautiful and it is a paradise 😀 The kayaking experience was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime for us with magnificent views that are hard to beat in other parts of the world!

6 thoughts on “Antarctica Cruise – Kayaking at Paradise Bay

  1. Perfect weather for paradise bay reflections.Glad u did the kayaking,now u have another option for future photos?I am sure u went to Cappadoccia in Turkey,incredible photo ops there.

    1. Yes, we just got back as well as Petra, Jordan. The hot air balloon was an incredible experience and we were lucky!

    1. Which company are you planning to book with? My coworker went to Antarctica around the same time as us and compared to the photos of his ship and room, ours was luxurious and new!

    1. Yes and hopefully it’s not at full capacity so you get a big new ship with same amount of people as with smaller ships. It’s just the food that was bad…don’t forget to sign up for their ambassador (loyalty) membership to save 5% off excursions and signup their email to get extra onboard credits 🙂

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