Bali Day 4 – Floating Breakfast, Seafood Feast, and Staying in a Bamboo House at Camaya

Floating breakfast is one of the must-dos in Bali, it got so popular that it spread to other hotels all over the world. The villa offered a one-time complimentary breakfast since we booked via Marriott Home & Villas and to “upgrade” to a floating breakfast, there was an extra charge of 150K IDR per floating tray and we ordered 2 trays. I booked breakfast at 7 AM to give us a head start as we needed to check out by 11 AM. The chef and staff came to our villa and prepared our food, it smelled so good that it attracted the monkeys!!!

Monkeys jumped out from the trees, climbed up the roof, and gathered above the kitchen of our villa, it was a scary sight! I was worried about how we would have the floating breakfast, would the monkeys jump into our pool and steal our food?

Even the staff were surprised to see the monkeys, they said they had never seen them in this area of Ubud! The staff arranged the dishes nicely on the floating trays decorated with fresh flowers. By the time they were done, the monkeys were gone, phew!!! I hope they won’t come back!

Time for our floating breakfast!!!

It was my 2nd time having floating breakfast (first was at the Waldorf Astoria in Los Cabos earlier in the year when we were vacationing with our daughter). This was definitely a nicer atmosphere surrounded by forest to give a hidden vibe.

I got the fried noodles, it was pretty good.

After the floating breakfast, we showered, changed, and packed up ready to go. Putu was able to drive his van all the way to the entrance of our villa :O This made transporting our luggage easier! I paid the villa staff the extras (laundry and the floating breakfast), that was the checkout process.

I had no particular plan for sightseeing today as we were moving hotel from Ubud to Sideman and I really wanted to try out the fresh seafood at Kuta/Jimbaran. I found a Chinese seafood restaurant called 7 Seafood Restaurant in Kuta, it was a big detour from our route….an hour to get there from Ubud and then 1.5 hours to Camaya. On our way, I need to stop by the ATM again to get cash. We had some time before lunch and Putu heard my conversation that I was looking for silver ankles for my mom. He said there is a silver village nearby and asked if we wanted to check it out. Sure! It turned out to be a tourist trap! He took us to a fancy building with silversmiths demonstrating making silver jewelry.

They looked nice but the price was over-inflated….the asking price was 1.3 million!!! I said no and then she dropped it to 900k, that’s still $58 for a silver bracelet…not worth it. The store inside has rooms and rooms of silver jewelry, it was definitely catered to Western tourists!

We didn’t buy anything, he took us to another village and it was the exact same layout. No thanks, we left and headed to lunch. 7 Seafood Restaurant is hidden inside the driveway:

We arrived at 1 PM and were the only guests there urg…not a good sign, right? But their tanks of fresh seafood got us excited to order this and that!!!

Our seafood feast…clams stir-fried non-spicy, it was fresh and tasty.

Clams stir-fried with spicy sauce, I preferred the spicy dish, it was so good!

OMG I never have stir-fried veggies this good, we should’ve ordered 2x of this dish!

Steamed live shrimps were delicious (we have live shrimps during certain seasons in Chinese supermarkets at home but they were very small in size and super expensive). The meat was so chewy and full of shrimp taste!

It was my first time having slipper lobsters, wow I love its texture and taste!

Full of meat!

The seafood corn soup was okay, not recommended.

Their mantis shrimps were huge too, yummy yummy!

They steamed the fish perfectly, it passed Jason’s steam fish standard 😉

The steamed ginger crabs, I like stir-fried in spicy style better.

We were so satisfied with our seafood feast, I can’t recommend enough and definitely worth a detour to get here! Our bill? $191.60 after 10% discount with a Google review, to us it was so cheap with all the fresh seafood we ordered for 8 people!

After lunch, we went to check out Kedonganan Fish Market, we thought it was a fresh seafood market where we could buy the seafood and take it to a restaurant to cook for us…nope!!! This market was dark and smelly and most of the seafood was frozen! Geez the reviews were not accurate! Don’t waste your time!

Across from the seafood market, there are more seafood stands in the open area but no fresh seafood in tanks. The guys wanted more fresh seafood LOL. We asked Putu and he took us to a restaurant along the Jimbaran beach, their tanks were quite empty, not much variety of seafood. I was glad that I found 7 Seafood Restaurant!

It was time to head to Camaya, an Instagram-famous and one of the first bamboo house eco-hotels in Bali. They started the trend and now there are more than a dozen bamboo house eco-hotels. Before the pandemic, it was hard to book a house there unless you booked a year in advance. I booked when Bali just opened up after the pandemic so I was lucky to book two houses. Along the way, Laili bought a small durian and carried all the way to Camaya haha!

We arrived at Camaya at around 6:30 PM and it was pitch dark out. Putu was falling asleep as he was driving up the mountain roads in the dark….it’ll take him another 2 hours to get home from Camaya and we start at 6 AM the next day which means he’ll need to head back on the road at 4 AM!!! Upon arriving at Camaya, I asked if there is a room for our driver to stay overnight. Luckily, they have beds in the parking lot with toilets for drivers. Otherwise, I would be glad to book him a room at a place nearby.

We had dinner at Camaya, there’s really nothing nearby. Complimentary fruit sticks and a welcome drink for our arrival.

Their menu has Asian and Western dishes. I ordered the seafood spaghetti and it tasted fine with good ingredients. I just don’t like that it was cheese/cream sauce-based, I much preferred tomato sauce.

We asked if the staff could help with opening Laili’s durian and wow he was a pro! It was too ripe I think that it has an after taste.

After dinner, the staff showed us the way to our house “Butterfly” and gave us a tour of the 2-level bamboo house. It was brilliantly built, I couldn’t wait to see it in daylight. The bamboo houses have no windows so insects and other small creatures can get in. There was no AC but since the location is nested up the mountain, it was cool enough with a ceiling fan on. I asked if there are snakes, that’s the most I scared of, and they assured me no. I checked our bed thoroughly and opened the mosquito net, we didn’t have any mosquito bites but Jason’s leg started to have blisters. We suspected he had a skin infection when he was having a massage last night, he got an insect bite or something.

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