First Day As Husband and Wife in Santorini

We spent our first day as husband and wife in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Santorini! The weather was good today so we went to explore the island as much as we could since this was our last day in Santorini!  First, we walked to Fira and headed toward the road down to the pier. The view was truly stunning!

The way down was very easy but watch out for donkeys!

Imagine having lunch in this restaurant, over-looking the sea (too bad it was not opened when we were there).

We took the cable cars up (it would be a lot of work to walk all the way up!).

The view going up was amazing – looking over the white houses on the cliff!

We passed by the restaurant where we had our dinner the first night (my favorite seafood spaghetti) so I took a picture of the restaurant:

We spent our whole day wandering around this beautiful island! When we got back to our hotel for a break, our hotel notified us that there will be a strike in Athens tomorrow so our flight will be cancelled! Our hotel was very helpful to provide us with phone numbers to call the airline to reschedule our flight…we’ll be flying out the following day instead! Don’t know rather this was a good or bad news for us….at least we get to stay in Santorini for one extra day! There was nothing we could do about the strike so we didn’t even worry about it and just enjoy our time in Santorini!

For dinner, we went to this restaurant on the road from Firostefani to Fira. We ordered the local dish called  tomato keftedes as appetizer. It was pretty good!

We also had grilled calamari which was excellent!

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and sat by the pool to enjoy the wonderful night view of Santorini.  The houses lighted up on the cliff was magnificent!

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