Santorini’s Most Beautiful Village – Oia

We spared a day in Santorini so today we headed back to Oia! We walked to Fira bus station where there were buses going to various points in the island. We bought the bus tickets to Oia around 2 euros each and waited for our bus. The buses were more like tour buses which were comfortable!

The bus ride from Fira to Oia was less than half an hour, I heard it was longer during tourist season due to traffic and there was only one road to Oia! On the way to Oia, we passed by other villages:

When we arrived in Oia, we know exactly where we wanted to go since we were here for our wedding photo shoot! Today was much better weather! The sky was clear and blue! Oia is very picturesque, no matter where you go, you can not get a bad photo! Words could not describe how beautiful the scene was and pictures could not fully captured the actual feeling to be there!

We would definitely come back to Santorini again in the future – perhaps our 10th anniversary!


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